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Interlock Attachment

Our lab offers both home-made interlock attachment and preformed attachment.

Our home-made interlock attachment can be applied to attached bridge and also to combination cases. We always use vertical milling machines at every essential steps in response to achieve maximum precision.

For combination cases, the interlock is an individually milled, non-activatable attachment which is positioned in the interdental space.

It guides the denture during insertion and removal and connects the primary frame with the removable denture part. This enhances funtional reliability under masticatory force.

Performed Attachment

Preformed Ceka Attachments are commonly used in our lab which included: “Preci-Horix” (profile attachment) and “Preci-Vertix” (extracoronal attachment). The PRECI-HORIX bar and rider system, developed by Helmut Hader, is the most popular of all bar systems due to its economy and simplicity. This system can be applied in clip-bar attachment for implant (you can see in our implant cases). It provides the excellent retention of the plastic clips, the patient comfort, the ease of processing and durability. The PRECI-VERTIX offers long-lasting retention, unsurpassed lateral stability and minimal replacement. The elastic clips are easily replaceable and available in 3 friction levels. The system is mostly used in combination cases in conjunction with home-made attachments.