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IPS Empress Esthetic

* Flexural strength 160 MPa
* Ideal for: veneer facing and Inlay

The IPS Empress all-ceramic material for use in the dental laboratory is made of an extremely homogeneous leucitebased ceramic, which scatters light like natural enamel andblends in well with its surroundings. This material exhibits lifelike translucency and convincing esthetic properties.


IPS Empress Esthetic comes in a comprehensiverange of ingots. A total of 12 ingots in 7 levels of translucency are available, which will fulfil even the most discerning esthetic requirements. The ingots are supplied in the 6 familiar TC shades. Hardly any characterization is required for the slightly shaded TC ingots. Consequently, they can be used as universal ingots for all the indications. In addition, 6 further shades are available, which are ideal for the inlay and veneering technique. The final tooth shade is produced through a combination of the shade of the prepared tooth, the ingot, the stains or layering material and the cementation material.