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Zcirconia Crown & Bridge

High Strength Zirconia (ICE Zirconia Translucent)
*Extra high flexural strength 1200-1400 MPa
*Used for Zirconia substructure
*Maximum long-span bridge up to 14 units
*Color specification:
A-D Shade, 3-D Master Shade

High strength blank, known as ICE Zirconia translucent, is suitable for fabricating substructure. Its ultimate flexural strength is between 1200 to 1400 MPa, this allow unlimited design of restoration which can be up to 14 units. In combination with conventional veneering porcelain, the perfectly life-like esthetic can be achieved.

Our milling system is the second generation of CAD|CAM milling technology.
It was developed to meet variety of restoration design, to give very precise works and outstanding strength.

Due to 5+5 axes milling technology and smallest 0.5 mm. milling bur, really fine works can be fabricated as the design in virtual software. The restorations will seat and seal to the model perfectly. Also wide range of 16 color shades, according to Vita’s A1-D4 shade guide, will allow us to acheive life-like results. Blank height is up to 30 mm.

All blanks and machines are made in Europe and meet its high standard.